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Vitamin-C Download Page

To download the setup file for TradeSim Standard, Pofessional and Enterprise editions you will need your user name and password that was emailed to you after purchasing online. The setup file includes the TradeSim executable and associated libraries as well as some trade database examples and an online user manual in Adobe PDF format. You will need the Adobe PDF reader to view or print the user manual.

File Downloads

Please read the following license agreement before downloading any software or documentation.

To download any of the following files click on the relevant download link and save the file to a temporary folder on your hard drive. You only need to download the updates if you have an earlier version running already. The version that you are currently running can be found from the Help->About menu.

Vitamin-C Final Release Setup File (Version 1.0.1 Build 2a)

Click here to download the setup file for Vitamin-C Final Release (approx size 13 Mb)

  • For both BullCharts and Metastock users (EOD and Professional Versions 7,8,9 & 10)
  • Includes User Guide (requires Adobe PDF reader)
  • Includes Version 1.0.1 Build 2 of the ViatminC.dll Metastock Plugin.
  • Vitamin-C uses a new licensing scheme. To activate the features that you have purchased you just need to follow the registration instructions from the software. To view the new registration instructions please click here

Whats new !!

Vitamin-C Readme

Vitamin-C/Metastock Plugin Readme

Document Library (requires Adobe PDF reader)

All documentation is now included in the TradeSim setup package and can be downloaded individually from the Articles page

Problems and Suggestions

Please send any support issues to

Adobe Reader

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