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Give yourself a Vitamin-C boost and unlock the full potential of MetaStock !

The next generation of MetaStock is here today ! Vitamin-C for MetaStock represents a breakthrough for formula language coding and sets new standards for MetaStock users !! For the first time you can transcend the limitations imposed by the MetaStock Formula Language(MSFL) with the capabilty of the 'C/C++' language and without resorting to the obfuscation and complexities of the MetaStock Developer's Kit !

If you are proficient at using the MSFL to code your indicators, experts and explorations then you will be able to enhance your programming capabilities with Vitamin-C. Typically you would use Vitamin-C to do tasks that are difficult if not impossible to do using the MSFL and which requires the MDK ! Even if coding is not your forte you can still use Vitamin-C scripts written by others just as you would use other peoples MetaStock formulas ! By experimenting with the code you also get to learn a bit about 'C' coding along the way !

Using Vitamin-C is as simple as 1-2-3 !!

You start off by writing your Vitamin-C scripts using the full featured context sensitive code editor built into the Vitamin-C Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as in the following example of a Guppy Countback line trailing stop function ( which by the way was quite easily translated from one of our competitors code scripts so that it now conforms to the C++ standard !)

Call your Vitamin-C scripts just as you would call other external formulas !

You call your Vitamin-C scripts just like any other MetaStock plugin library functions. In fact it is not much different to calling other MetaStock formulas using ExtFml(), Fml() or FmlVar(). There are no messy compilers, linkers or cryptic interface code to deal with like you have with the MetaStock Developers Kit. All of this is taken care for you by Vitamin-C and is hidden away from the user. Nothing could be more transparent and simpler ! If you haven't got time to do a computer science degree then you need Vitamin-C for MetaStock !

Vitamin-C integrates seemlessly with MetaStock as though it is part of MetaStock !

Because Vitamin-C interfaces to MetaStock at the lower level it provides a seemless interface that is essentially transparent to the user. For example the following indicator illustrates how simple it is to call the Guppy Count Back Line Trailing Stop Vitamin-C script in the example above ! To do all of this using the MetaStock Developers Kit is no small feat and requires years of 'C' coding experience !

You can apply your Vitamin-C indicators to a chart just like any other indicator. You can also use your Vitamin-C script anywhere that uses the MSFL such as experts, explorations and the MS system tester !!

Vitamin-C can also be used with TradeSim ! In fact any code that normally calls external formulas can use Vitamin-C.

Download the Vitamin-C User Guide

Vitamin-C for MetaStock Features

Implement functions not provided with MetaStock and/or which require the MetaStock Developers Kit.

Perform complex calculations on price and volume data that can’t be performed using the MetaStock Formula Language (MSFL).

Provide multiple functions in a single script.

Create functions that can be used by Custom Indicators, Systems Tests, Explorations and Experts.

Distribute your Vitamin-C scripts to other users who also have Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C scripts are just standard text files that can be edited using any text editor or the fully featured context sensitive editor built into the Vitamin-C Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Enhance and extend the MetaStock Formula Language using structured programming constructs such as looping, for, while, do-while, break, continue, switch-case, multi-dimension arrays, reference parameters, pointers, structure and class objects, function calls, STL, double precision variables etc.

Simple Interface to MetaStock Formula Language (MSFL) and MetaStock Interface.

No need to migrate to a new charting package. Re use your existing MetaStock code and enhance it using industry standard C/C++ language constructs.

No need for cryptic MSFL code such as latches, to code simple functions such as protective stops, profit stops, time stops, trailing stops, pattern matching and recognition, wave count etc. Code it the way it makes sense !!
Full programming access to most ANSI-C and C++ features although in most cases the simple C language constructs will suffice.
C/C++ code allows the ability to easily code and reference a particular value(s) in a MetaStock data array for the purpose of writing stop functions in a straightforward way.
Advanced Array class allows encapsulation of existing MetaStock price and data arrays for an intuitive and streamlined program interface. Both array indexing and array manipulation are available to the programmer and can be used independently or together to get the most flexibility.
Hand optimized machine code, which takes advantage of the on-chip data caches as well as the CPU and Numeric Processor instruction set for super fast array processing ! In fact much faster than MetaStock !!
Full access to ANSI compatible C library. If you need file IO operations then no problems; Vitamin-C has it all and more and there is no need to worry about which include files to use ! Access to the libraries are transparent to the user !
Streamlined and transparent interface to MetaStock with full-featured Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and unlimited context sensitive editor, which can be resized and is not limited in any way.
Write your own plug-in code without the hassle and added expense of using the MetaStock Developers Kit (MDK). There is no need for the MDK and no need for a qualification process in order to purchase or use Vitamin-C !!
Because Vitamin-C script is fully interpreted there is no need to learn the idiosyncrasies of C compilers and linkers along with the complex interface structure used in the MDK.

Run unlimited amounts of code.

Full portability guaranteed. Unlike pseudo ‘C’ like script code used in other charting packages, the industry standard C code used in Vitamin-C allows code to be re-compiled later on for further performance and speed enhancements if need be.

Modular programming interface allows libraries of functions to be easily compartmentalized and catalogued.

Structured programming in C and C++ forces sensible programming approach.

No need to deal with complex external formula library interface in the MDK, which is only really usable by experienced and seasoned programmers.

Save time and money ! There is no need to change to another charting package and spend time and money learning another formula language. Use your existing investment in time building existing MSFL code and enhance it using Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C brings MetaStock into the 21st Century !

Vitamin-C will form the de-facto standard for programming amongst other MetaStock users so it will be possible to easily share Vitamin-C scripts amongst your colleagues. Even if your forte is not programming you can still use scripts written by others just as you currently do with other MetaStock code.

12 months free updates from date of purchase !