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Trading and Charting Software
Build a Stock Trading System for Your Life!

Trading for a living is an exciting idea, and stock trading systems can give you the life you want. A system is simply a set of rules that defines how you will enter and exit the financial markets to make money. Stock trading systems work because they eliminate emotion, create consistency and capture an edge in the markets.

Most new traders fail and lose money because they take tips from others, they do what is popular, they do what sounds good at dinner parties, they do what is marketed heavily by the industry, they use someone else's stock trading system - they don't do what is profitable!

Position Sizing Money Risk Management Portfolio Software from Park Avenue Consulting. Includes free trial and introductory video online.
BullCharts is an innovative charting and technical analysis system and is a great alternative to MetaStock. It provides a feature rich and powerful set of tools, while still remaining intuitive, easy to use and clear in presentation. Key features include intraday charts, 240+ built in indicators and line studies, and BullScript - a tool to write your own custom indicators.

Robert Brain (aka Brainy) is a user of BullCharts charting software since 2005, and heads up the Australian User Group on a voluntary basis.  Robert is now an authorised reseller of BullCharts. Robert can arrange an authorised Trial Version of BullCharts.

Traders Forums
We have now set up our very own forum. You can join in with the many other members and discuss any queries or issues regarding TradeSim or join with any of the other topics that are available for discussion. It's a great way to share and exchange your ideas and registration is free. Why not join up today and become a part of the TradeSim community.
Run by Nick Radge previously known for running Reef Capital. The Chartist is a boutique stock market advisory service that utilizes Technical Analysis to measure market probabilities, identify patterns and trends as well as offering you a sensible basis upon which to make sound investment and trading decisions, reduce exposure and protect against risk.
Offical Equis Forum for Metastock users with some sprinklings of TradeSim if you care to do a search !!!
Forum available to BullCharts and TradeSim users.
A new Australian Forum.
Sharemarket Education and Resources Links
Just what you always wanted - A brand new website dedicated to Metastock and Programming Issues.
Metastock Formula and Addon Sites
Just what you always wanted - A brand new website dedicated to Metastock and Programming Issues.
A great site for MetaStock resources.

These pages include over 300 formulas from readers, formulas from Equis and formulas derived from Stocks and Commodities magazine. All formulas are for Metastock v6.5 or higher unless noted.

This is another collection of well-known indicators and trading systems that were written in the MetaStock custom language format.

The author provides a comprehensive Advanced Trailing Stop plug-in for MetaStock.