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Professional Edition

Back test your trading system the way you would trade it using TradeSim® - the missing link in trading system analysis and simulation!

TradeSim® is the first true realistic trading simulator/analyzer for Metastock® that can quickly back-test and evaluate a trading system across a portfolio of securities. With its powerful data processing capabilities TradeSim® can evaluate the historic performance of a given trading system within a matter of minutes and do it with a realistic representation of a real life trading scenario.

An important feature, which distinguishes TradeSim from all other backtesting or simulation software, is its ability to perform dynamic money management (DMM) and risk control at the portfolio level. With DMM, position sizes are determined with full knowledge of what's going on at the portfolio level at the moment the sizing decision is made.

Whether a single security or a multiple security portfolio, TradeSim® answers the simple question:-

"What would have happen if this system had been used to trade an arbitrary portfolio of securities?"

Sounds like a simple question - but is extremely complex if not impossible to answer with Metastock® as it stands. However, with TradeSim® it is just a simple matter of running a Metastock® exploration on a portfolio of securities using your own set of indicators. When the exploration has finished you just simply run TradeSim®, setup the trading parameters and then analyze your trade data.

"With TradeSim®, Metastock® becomes more powerful than it ever was - even rivaling trading packages costing many thousands of dollars!"

You are probably not aware that to approach the functionality and power that TradeSim® adds to Metastock® you would need to spend many thousands of dollars more than the combination of both packages put together. Even then, competing packages fall quite short when it comes to analysis power and options as well as simplicity of operation. TradeSim® was built right from the ground up with the professional trader in mind!

"TradeSim® dispels the myths of indicator performance!"

Your system may look good with an expert overlayed on a single chart. "But what about its real world trading performance?"
Typically your system will comprise of entry and exit triggers, prices as well as an initial stop loss. These five parameters basically define a framework for a trading system. The trouble with trying to test a trading system is that the system tester built into Metastock® is only limited to a single security and only one position size model with a fixed initial capital. As a result this can give a very distorted view of your trading system performance, which can be very misleading for a number of reasons, namely: -

  1. Because back testing has only been applied to one trading entity and not across a wide range of trading entities from different industry groups, the result is an unrealistic representation of a typical real life trading system, which is usually traded across a diverse range of securities.

  2. Limiting of system testing to a single trading entity will result in an inadequate number of trades. Back testing your system using one trading entity may only yield twenty or so active trades. Hardly enough to evaluate its true performance and very misleading from a statistical point of view!

  3. Insufficient choice of position sizing models limits evaluating the system using a position-sizing model, which may not be optimal for the trading system under investigation.

See Details on the Enterprise Edition


TradeSim Professional Features

Unlike basket testers and single security back testers TradeSim is a True Portfolio Trading Simulator and Backtester which analyzes the trades in the proper chronological order and sequencing thus mimicking the way that real trades would be executed.

Ideal learning aid for beginning traders learning how to objectively trade or for advanced traders using it to thoroughly and objectively evaluate their own trading systems.

Simple interface to Metastock using an external function plug in which can be incorporated into your indicators or the Metastock explorer using the Metastock indicator language. (The Universal Text Trade Database format allows some other charting packages and speadsheets to be used with TradeSim.)

Dynamic money management allows trades to be automatically sized according to the position size model used and available capital thus mimicking realistic trading conditions.

Different position sizing models allow quick comparison of trading performances for a given trading system which answers the "What if?" question.

The ability to specify a complete set of trading parameters such as, the position size model, the initial capital, the trade transaction cost, the portfolio heat, the trade capital limit etc.

The ability to model the effects of slippage through limit, market and stop orders.

Trade positions include long, short or both sides.

Survivorship Bias Free Back testing.
Survivorship Bias Filter Builder Assistant.
Ability to test and simulate trade pyramid strategies for single or a portfolio of securities.
Combine trades from different periodicities. For example combine trades from a daily, weekly and monthly trading system using the same portfolio and trading system or different portfolios or trading system for each periodicity. No other backtester offers so much flexibility when it comes to backtesting options.
Simultaneously test multiple trading systems with an unlimited number of trading entities.
The ability to generate trade data with thousands of trading entities from a variety of secutiries, unlike the system testers built into most charting packages which can only generate a limited number of trades.

User defined trading rules using the Metastock® indicator builder language.

The TradeSim Function Library extends the Metastock Language and allows you to test systems which are impossible to test using the standard Metastock formula. language.

Random walking of stock selection with the same entry date allows different trading sequences whilst satisfying your trading rules.

Multiple system analysis allows a mixture of different trading systems to be simulated at the same time.

Fast processing and analysis of the resulting trade data. For example, simulate ten years of the S&P ASX 200 stocks in less than a minute on a 300MHz Windows 98 machine.

Comprehensive and detailed trade system reports and professionally printed color documents and charts for presentation and reporting purposes.

Comprehensive and detailed trade statistics with complete dynamic cross referencing.

Comprehensive Trade Database Manager allows advanced stock selection and filtering to allow selective processing of stock groups. For example you could process two years of stock trades rather than the full interval, or deselect a certain stock group so that it won't appear in the trade simulations.

Color-coded Trade Log report lists in detail all of the trades in chronological ordering or you can sort the list by any other criteria.

Comprehensive and detailed charting capability with advanced chart zooming and 3D display capabilities.

Dynamic links between the TradeLog, Trade Database and Charts allows detailed analysis of each individual trade.

Trade Inspector allows detailed examination of each trade whilst viewing the charts.

Selective processing capability allows processing of certain securities and filtering of both long and short trades.

Simple user interface using Microsoft Windows®; no clumsy DOS based application.

Universal Text Trade Database format allows some other charting packages and speadsheets to be used with TradeSim.

Advanced statistical analysis capability with the upgrade to the Enterprise Edition of TradeSim.

Comprehensive User Manual in Adobe PDF format which can be easily printed out if neccessary and can be updated at any time in the future when new software releases become available.