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User Testimonies

We have many satisfied users of TradeSim from around the world. Our clients include students, private and professional traders, as well as fund managers, banks and other financial institutions. The following Testimonies are from satisfied users of our products. Their names have been abbreviated for privacy reasons and the testimonies have been abbreviated from the original emails.

More often than not users praise software authors for all the bells and whistles that have been added to their software, but very little about the software's ability to help make money for the trader ? Very little is said about this aspect as though the author of the software has provided a toy for people to fiddle with rather than actively use it for their successful trading. It's good to hear from users that have developed, tested and traded their trading system such that the results over a period of time have correlated well with the analysis.


Techtrader has been developed using TRADESIM. After 4 years of live trading I'm pleased to report that the initial $30,000 traded on Margin reached $402,000 at close of trade on 22/12/06 Development of Techtrader couldn't have been possible without Tradesim,the wealth of information from testing supplies a "Blueprint" for any method and has proven to be very accurate with regard to the simulated results and the actual results from trading Techtrader over 4 yrs.

A continuing complete history can be found here for those interested

Keep up the great work.

John Rowland

Dear David,

I have just ordered your TradesSim Enterprise Package from Paritech. I have spoken to you on the phone at length, twice previously, and your sincerity (and hard work at developing the package) has not been forgotten. Finally I have bitten the bullet. I just thought you might appreciate a simple message of acknowledgement that all that time you patiently gave in explaining things to me in the distant past was not wasted.

I now look forward to trying out your great software and hopefully being able to contribute some meaningful feedback as I progress.

Best Regards,


Note: The following testimony sounds like a canned testimony from a black-box promoter, but it's not !! It's from a real trader who trades a real life trading system and has used TradeSim as part of its development. Note that the huge return is a result of trading CFD's which are a heavily leverage instrument. Because of this it is equally possible to lose a large amount of money therefore justifying the need for sufficient testing to validate the trading system before it is traded.

Thanks David

TradeSim is undisputedly one of the greatest tools a trader can have. It is central to my successes of the past year, affording me a nett return of over 1400%, trading CFDs.

Thank you for developing this product

Adrian (UK)

Hi David

You know, we all get busy and sometimes forget to thank those who have made a real difference in our lives.

And when it comes to trading, nothing has done more for my results than your software. I've been using it for over a year and have taken what was OK results with a very complex set of rules to spectacualr results with much simpler rules. And more importantly, I have cross checked every trade for over a year with what the simulator suggested my results should be and they are within spitting distance of each other, so my confidance level continues to improve with every trading day. It ain't hypothetical--it's real money.

So, thank you, David, for being one of those people who has really made a difference.


Aurora, NY, USA.

Hi David

Firstly I would like to congratulate you and your team on a fantastic product. My husband and I have used several trading packages and we have
always found some part of the functionality that does not live up to expectations, but not so in TradeSim. So far it has met all our testing
requirements which is a pleasant change. We have managed to simulate most of our current trading strategy after studying the user manual and the AN




I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful Enterprise Edition. I have had the Professional edition for sometime and it only provides part of the picture. It has uncovered many issues with my system and has highlighted how important money money management is. I was most surprised to see the difference in the statistical results by changing the money management rules with the same trading system over the same timeframe.

I have had a look at Metastock 9.0 and even with their "enhanced" system tester, it is r*****h when compared with TradeSim.



Adelaide, Australia.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I just got off the phone with MetaStock inquiring about how much it would be to upgrade to version 9.0. I asked the question to the sales representative did they fix the system tester. He replied "yes". I then stated that their system tester is a j**e. Why would I want to pay you a USD249 upgrade fee for MetaStock professional. I stated to him have you heard about TradeSim why isn't TradeSim offered as a plug-in to MetaStock. The sales man immediately wanted to end the conversation.

Initially when I was considering purchasing the enterprise edition of TradeSim I believed that the price was extremely outrageous. Now that I have it I believed that it is the best thing that has ever happened to me since I began trading in 1996. I had no idea what the hell I was doing before I got TradeSim. I have lost tens of thousands of dollars trading and I had no idea why. With TradeSim I finally have started to see what it takes to make a good trading system. Previously I purchased multisystem system tester, but comparing it to TradeSim it is a jxxe.

I still have a lot to learn about TradeSim, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks again.


Aurora, CO, USA

Just like to say that David has developed a fantastic method of testing Portfolio systems trading. His continued updates which incorporate feed back from his clients is tremendous.

J.R alias "tech/a" Adelaide Australia

Extract from Paritech forum

Simply the best, Down to earth and easy to work with. I read about a lot of these methods of testing in various books (ok one in particular) but it seems that the software is nowhere to be found. The closest link I could find was to purchase Athena and on that thread they said 8000 pounds (I have no idea what exchange rate is) and at that there is really no "open" selling of the software according to the individual... So not only David are you a great asset but also I believe it is truely the most reasonable priced out there PERIOD......

Thanks again for everything

Colorado, USA

Extract from Paritech forum

Dear Compuvision,

Having evaluated TradeSim and read the manual in depth, let me congratulate you on an excellent product. The manual is very readable and explains relatively complex statistical and simulation concepts without resorting to the traditional "text book" obfuscation and stilted language. The presentation and instrumentation of the software itself is also simple and direct with none of the bloat and over embellishment found in many other packages.


Sydney, Australia

I have read dozens of books on trading, subscribed to various newsletters and attended countless seminars so I thought I knew it all. That was until I purchased Tradesim Professional and boy was I in for a real shock. Believe me when I say this, tradesim is the best teacher by a long mile. You can read as many books as you like but until you test it and then put it into practice it's all just academic...


Washington, USA

I have just purchased a trial version of the TradeSim Enterprise package.

I am excited that someone has finally created a system tester for MetaStock that is worth the full 2-bob, and has been designed by someone who actually knows what trading is all about!


South Fremantle, Western Australia

I have installed the new version 2.3 version of TradeSim, and honestly, I am impressed with Compuvision. Their updating of software is good.



My experiences with TradeSim have been nothing short of sensational.

Thank you for desiging and further enhancing such a fantastic package.

Yours sincerely,

Genelg, South Australia

BTW thanks for creating such a sensible backtesting product. I estimate that the minute it takes TradeSim to backtest a few hundred trades saves me about 10hrs of manual backtesting.


West Perth, Western Australia.

Hello David,

I'd have to compliment you on Tradesim, I'm very impressed after having done manual backtesting which by comparison is like the invention of matches when the previous method was rubbing sticks together. Simply fantastic to run the simulation in a few seconds with various different parameters.


NSW, Australia.

Hi David

Thanks for the Licence key for TradeSim. Installed and registered with no trouble.
I am very impressed with the program. Once I am up to speed I will upgrade hopefully to the Enterprise version.

For me the ability to generate Metastock lists from a text file is worth the price of the Standard program and is an unexpected bonus.

C. P.

Queensland, Australia

Hi David

Thanks for the registration key. I have printed the manual and spent today reading it. First congratulations on such a well presented manual. I appreciate how much work has gone into the manual. The program is excellent. I think it will allow me to do backtesting which is simply not possible in Metastock even if huge amounts of time are expended.

C. P.

Queensland, Australia

The more I learn about TradeSim, the more I'm impressed with its design and 'functionality.' In fact, I'm beginn

ing to think
of MetaStock as an adjunct to TradeSim, rather than the other way around.


Spring Valley, California

Hi David

I have been using Tradesim quite extensively. One thing that it has taught me is the fact that most trading systems do not work. Even most of them that are meant to be used in certain market segments like commodities e.g. Although some of them are positive, they are not very good overall.

By the way, TradeSim is great. Just one comment. In future upgrades you should consider making the software bypass the licence agreement when you start up and also "remember" the Trade Parameters.

E. K.

Western, South Africa.



I have recently purchased a trial version of your software and have been
playing with it for a few days.

I have been working on trading systems since 1995, using tools such as ParityPlus and AIQ, both of which much surpass MetaStock in that they allow testing of a system against a portfolio of stocks. But neither of these consider the problem of trading with limited capital nor the effect of position size, which are important aspects of real trading and therefore need to be simulated in system testing. With your system, for the first time, I can perform a comprehensive, realistic system test. So congratulations to you for a fine product, which I have been seeking for a long time. You have also addressed the poor ability of MS to create user defined Lists, which is another shortcoming of that program.


Melbourne, Australia


Congratulations on a job very well done.
I have copied the manual into hard copy for eisier reference.Amusingly Im reading it like a novel cannot put it down.(A case of Get a life!!).

Seriously though I firmly believe that the PROFESSIONAL edition will give the serious systems analyst only half the picture. The Top edition with the capacity to randomly test any theory over 5000 theoretical random stock combinations gives to me at least the FULL picture.

Rather than confirming many of my half tested theories it infact finds the weakness which is exactly what I want to know.


Adelaide, Australia

Firstly thanks for a great testing tool. Im really getting the hang of it.
Importing databases,and basically doing all those things with a method I wished I could.
Absolutely fantastic.


Adelaide, Australia

Hi, I've just received your software and have to say I love it!


London U.K.